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Energy All Day… Every Day!
Feeling good is such a good feeling! A little play on
words but how true it is. When we feel good and have
energy and vitality, everything seems better.
To have energy all day every day, think of building a reservoir of
energy. In that reservoir, you need mental energy that replaces that
feeling of mental fogginess and fatigue. Cellular energy is probably
the least understood and most ignored by most people. In our caffeine
and sugar stimulated society, we think the feelings we get from a
sugar or caffeine high is the feeling of energy. Caffeine will jolt your
adrenals, but that was most beneficial when saber tooth tigers roamed
the earth!! While it has short-term effects, it is not what you get from
cellular energy which is the healthy sustainable energy. The all-day…
everyday energy.
There are two products we are offering this month that will
increase your energy reservoir with added benefits that help
support many functions in your body. They are Alfred Libby’s
original patented B-12 formula and CoEnzyme Q-10. These two
products will support all-day, everyday energy.
Essential B-12 is known as the feel-good vitamin, but it has significant
benefits that go beyond just feeling good. It is an essential vitamin as it
also helps make red blood cells which bring oxygen to your organs and
cells, and is necessary to support the nervous system and brain plus a
host of other benefits.
CoEnzme Q-10 (CoQ10) is a natural substance that helps fight
oxidative stress and prevent tissue damage at the cellular level.
You may not know much about your mitochondria, but your
mitochondria, or cellular energy factories, need CoQ10. It also
helps slow the effects of aging. So if you are past 50 years of age,
this will be an essential supplement for your energy reservoir.
Also, I want to make you aware that if you are on statin drugs,
your CoQ10 levels could be compromised.
Now combine those two products with your God-given
purpose, and you will live a more energetic and engaging
life…all day and every day.
Michael R. Ellison,
Founder of TriVita.

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