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Total Fem Collagen.

Finally, the ONLY collagen supplement specifically designed for women… by a woman! To help rapidly reduce the signs of aging AND maintain your pelvic and bladder health for the long term!*

Collagen is often touted as being a “fountain of youth” or an “anti-aging miracle,” but there’s far more to it than that, especially when it comes to your pelvic floor health.

The female body relies on this firming protein to support healthy pelvic floor muscles, vulva skin, hair, skin, nails, bone and joint health, and digestion.

From our pelvic floor muscles to our bones and everything else in between, maintaining this protein’s production is essential for overall pelvic health, feminine wellness, and for looking young.*

And Rootganics Total Fem Collagen is formulated unlike any other collagen supplement on the market.

It’s packed with all five of the most important collagen peptides you need to combat aging on a cellular level.

It’s manufactured at one of the premier lab facilities in the country and triple-checked for purity and quality, not once, not twice but three times throughout the process.

If you want to:

Reduce fine lines and wrinkles*
Maintain healthy bone density *
Ease painful joints *
Dramatically improve your skin elasticity *
Get back your thick lustrous hair and strong nails *
Improve your digestion and liver function*
And help maintain your pelvic and bladder health to help end prolapse, pain, and leaking forever!*
This is your chance to make it all happen*. Total Fem Collagen doesn’t have any synthetic vitamin C making it safer for your bladder health and includes two essential amino acids, Tryptophan and L Theanine that tackle anxiety and work in synergy with collagen production in the body.

Plus it’s completely flavorless and odorless, you can mix it in your coffee or juice, add it to your favorite recipes and get a collagen kick as often as you like!

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