Vitamin C +Citrus Bioflavonoids 1000, 180tablets. (Enerex)



Vitamin C is not just for colds! It can do so much more and is an important nutrient needed for a variety of bodily functions. Vitamin C is essential in making collagen and connective tissue for healthy teeth, gums, skin, ligaments, and tendons. It’s also vital for cardiovascular health, supporting the adrenals during stress, and has been researched as an aid in fighting cancer.

Product Description

Why supplement with Vitamin C?
Vitamin C is involved in virtually every biochemical and
biological process in the body. A powerful anti-oxidant, it
enhances immune function, and protects body tissues from
damage by free radicals and toxins. Bioflavonoids are essential
for the absorption and utilization of vitamin C; in Enerex Bio C
1000, the bioavailability of each is enhanced by the presence
of the other in the ideal 1:1 ratio.

Bio C 1000 enhances immune function: stimulates
lymphocytes, natural killer cells & anti-cancer agents. Low
Vitamin C levels correlated with greater cancer risk
› Enerex’s Bio C 1000 offers a 1:1 ratio of 500 mg of vitamin
C with 500 mg of citrus bioflavonoids containing 22%
› Vitamin C and bioflavonoids in the ideal 1:1 ratio help the
body heal itself, as well as providing a strong dose of super
antioxidants for the maintenance of good health.

Bioflavonoids are essential for the absorption of vitamin C.
› Hesperidin content is the marker of bioflavonoids’ quality
and efficacy; Bio C 1000 uses premium 22% Hesperidin,
the highest content available in the market, measured by
HPLC. Many products use less costly/less effective form
(label should indicate total Hesperidin content)
› Citrus Bioflavonoids supports circulation and assists
Vitamin C, helps with inflammation and allergies.
› Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids have proven helpful in
treating capillary injuries and eczema as well.
› Recommended dosage 3X daily with meals to ensure
adequate levels; more effective than larger single
dose (only stays in bloodstream 3-4 hours & must be


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