Vitalzym Probiotic 10/50, 60 caps.


Probiotic 10/50 is Uniquely Formulated

Probiotic 10/50 is uniquely formulated to be a highly powerful combination of the 10 most clinically researched probiotic strains, in a potent concentration of 50 billion CFU (colony forming units). Additionally, Probiotic 10/50 was designed with delayed release in mind, passing through the acidic environment of the stomach to target the key areas of maximum absorption and benefit, as 5 of the 10 strains in Probiotic 10/50 target the upper GI tract, and 5 target the lower GI tract. This specific balance ensures maximum effectiveness.

Further increasing the effectiveness of Probiotic 10/50 is its high potency formulation containing not only 50 billion CFU, but two prebiotics that enhance Probiotic 10/50’s shelf life. This product requires no refrigeration.

This is all found in a daily dose of just one capsule. For best results take in conjunction with Vitalzym Digestive Enzymes.

Product Description

Probiotic 10/50 by Vitälzӯm

  • HV-vegan


  • HX-veg-cap


  • MG-gluten-free


  • ND-dairy-free


  • OS-soy-free


  • PY-yeast-free


  • QH-non-gmo

World Nutrition’s proprietary blend of probiotics function powerfully together, Probiotic 10/50 by Vitalzym contains 50 Billion CFUs of probiotics plus 2 prebiotics. The species of living microorganisms benefit the health of the host through regulating the balance of intestinal flora and re-establishing micro-ecological balance colonized in the gut and genital system.†

What Can I Use Probiotic 10/50 by Vitälzӯm For?

Probiotic 10/50 by Vitälzӯm contains five strains of each Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium — 10 of the most clinically researched probiotic strains in the world. Replenishing these probiotics can positively impact your health and may help:

  • Boost Immunity†
  • Lower Cholesterol Levels†
  • Regulate Diarrhea†
  • Promote Digestion and Absorption†
  • Inhibit Growth of Pathogenic Organisms†
  • Prevent Reproductive Tract Infection†


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