Veeva Stress Formula 60 vcaps.


PrintWhy wait until you feel overwhelmed to deal with stress? Veeva’s unique formula actually prepares your body to handle stress before it begins to affect you. By providing all-natural support to the brain, Veeva helps reduce your stress response while adding nourishment and balance to your central nervous system. What does that mean for you? All those things that normally cause you stress suddenly seem like no big deal. Happiness ensues.

Product Description

veeva-stress-formula-60-capsulesVeeva specializes in non-prescription solution for mental wellness. Our first supplement was Veeva Stress Formula. Then, Veeva Anxiety Formula, the only licensed supplement of its kind in Canada. Next, Veeva Basics, a line of single herb products, with a twist. Each product high potency herbals, but also other supportive ingredients for optimum efficacy, include our unique B Happy Complex.


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