Superior Man Wolverine Premium Beard Oil, 1oz.


Caution: Not for the average man!

For the Red-Blooded Man who demands nothing less than perfection, we formulated the ultimate in Wolverine beard oil.

A potent combination of natural testosterone enhancers, Pine Pollen & Tribulus extract, designed to cultivate sophistication in any wild man.

100% free of any hormone disruptors designed to hijack your manhood. Absolutely No Estrogen Boosting, Masculine Leaching, Artificial Chemicals Allowed.

Product Description

Always stay one step ahead of the pack, perfect and nourish your man mane with this 100% natural handcrafted premium beard oil infused with raw essences derived from nature.

Take your grooming experience to the next level and discover what it means to be a Superior Man!

For the Indigenous Modern Man Who Demands Superiority.


Ingredients Dr. Formulated: Tribulus Terrestris extract, Pine Pollen, Peppermint Oil, Orange Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil.


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