Sprout Living Epic Protein. Vanilla Lucuma. 454 grams.


epic-protein-1lb-family_webThough universally revered for their comprehensive and unique benefits , the superfoods in Vanilla Lucuma are sensibly combined to further enhance their individual strengths.

Lucuma, the “Gold of the Incas”, is a deliciously sweet, potent source of beta-carotene and niacin that is paired with Vanilla Bean, which adds an unmistakable flavor as well as a natural compound called Vanillin, a powerful antioxidant. Baobab, the ” Upside Down Tree”, adds numerous naturally-occurring phytochemicals as well as high levels of immune-boosting vitamin C, resulting in an incredibly dynamic, superfood-enriched protein powder that will help boost and strengthen your body.

Product Description

epic-vanilla-lucumaEpic Protein : Vanilla Lucuma starts with our organic plant proteins, which are handpicked for their balanced and complete protein content, natural bioavailability and rich nutritional synergies. Individually selected exotic superfoods add an even deeper array of nutrients and a burst of real flavors, giving you a harmonious blend of silky smooth and delicious protein powder ideal for your healthy, active and fit lifestyle.


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