Sprout Living Epic Protein, Original. 454grams.


epic-protein-1lb-family_webIngredients : Sprouted Brown Rice

.Yellow Pea

. Sacha Inchi Seeds

. Jerusalem Artichoke

Finally , no more overly processed animal protein, synthetic chemicals or fake sweeteners that can harm your body!

Don`t let the words ‘Raw’ or ‘Vegan’ fool you- Epic Protein is a super pure, bioavailable and powerful protein superfood.

Epic Protein is Complete !

Product Description

epic-original-1lbEpic Protein: Original starts with our organic plant protein, which are handpicked for their balanced and complete protein content, natural bioavailability and rich nutritional synergies. The nutrient-dense combination delivers a pleasant flavor with silky smooth texture that easily dissolves in water.

Delicious on its own or blended with your favorite fruits and veggies, it is an ideal addition to your healthy, active and fit lifestyle.


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