SHINOUSSA-Sea Vegetables 5.0 (Apple Cinnamon), 270g.


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About Schinoussa™ Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables offer incredible nutritive value and have been part of a balanced diet for centuries. Through research, we have discovered that there was a time when sea vegetable gardens were created in Hawaii, specifically for royalty. In Japan sea vegetables were exclusive to the noble.

Today, Schinoussa™ Sea vegetables offer this amazing food for everyone! These valuable and rich sea vegetables can now be consumed every day. Our research team has also taken into account the lack of fiber in our diets. Wild Crafted flax seed powder has been added to the formula for your good health. Sea vegetables are known as an outstanding mineral rich food. They are packed with all the minerals and trace nutrients we need with high bioavailability. Sea vegetables are famous for supplying missing nutrients in our diet.

Product Description

Shinoussa Sea Vegetables- Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinnamon (Glucose)

This is the original formula with added glucose supporting ingredients and no flax. The added apple pectin is for sugar elimination, reduced glucose in the blood stream, and a feeling of fullness. Cinnamon is added for pancreas strengthening and to curb sugar cravings. Bitter melon, fenugreek and chromium aid in sugar metabolism and help to reduce sugar cravings. Extra B vitamins are added for stress reduction and cortisol so there is better control of blood glucose levels.


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