sexcereal 2  SEXCEREAL is the world’s first and only gender-based whole food cereal, a mélange of carefully formulated, extraordinarily delicious (and expensive) ingredients and spice sourced both from here in Canada and exotic locations worldwide. SEXCEREAL was formulated by a team of nutrition and quality control professionals. It is not a granola, it is much more of a whole food. Granola is comprised of 70% + oats. SEXCEREAL is made with only 40% certified gluten-free oats.

Product Description

SEXCEReal 5    A healthy sex life depends on good nutrition and sexual health is an important factor of a person’s overall well-being.  Good nerve function, healthy hormone levels, and an unobstructed blood flow to the pelvic area are essential to sexual performance. To keep these systems in working order, a diet should be based on legumes, grain products, and other complex carbohydrates, with plenty of fruits and vegetables, modest levels of protein, and of course, SEXCEREAL for breakfast.


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