Sewanti Triphala Plus 90`s


hindu Triphala Plus 11:1 extract – Gentle detox to normalize functions of the Liver and Gall Bladder.

. Cleanse the body of waste and enhances elimination and is non-habit forming.

. Corrects constipation and supports healthy digestion.

. Strengthens eyes and dispels fatigue and boosts energy.

. Phyllanthus Niruri removes calcification in the Bile Duct.

.Licorice reduces inflammation & soothes irritated tissues & harmonizes the actions of other ingredients in this formula.

Dosages & Duration : For constipation, Improving Digestion and Seasonal Detoxification- 2 capsules twice daily for 3 months.



Product Description

Triphala PlusSewanti Natural Herbal formulas are based on an ancient Ayurvedic herbal wisdom, and are made with high potency extracts ( not herbal powders). Sewanti products are manufactured in a Canadian GMP facility and they have been approved and licensed with NPN #`s by NHPD. The safety and efficacy of the products are tested in a clinical research and placebo controlled double blind study by Sewanti research team.


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