Righteously Raw, Goji Bar, 66g. The way chocolate ought to be…


Righteously-Raw-Logo-Version-for-Web-11Righteously Raw produces raw chocolates at the highest quality available. Their antioxidant rich, exotic flavors will have you questioning every chocolate you’ve ever tasted before. They are truly unique in texture, taste, and quality. I’m also thrilled about the proactive approach that Righteously Raw has taken to produce the best possible products and keep their customers informed through labeling and certifications. Labeling is important to me! I want to know where my food comes from, what certifications it has, how safe it is for me to eat, and what allergens and ingredients it does or does not include. Raw chocolate from Righteously Raw include labels from Non-GMO Project Verified, CSA Gluten-Free Certified,Vegan Verified and USDA Organic just to name a few. Information like this helps us make the most informed decision possible when it comes to our healthy, so naturally I gravitate towards companies like Righteously Raw when I shop.

Product Description

Righteously Raw Goji  Goji Cacao Bar (90% Cacao)  This one has a little more flavor and texture than the other two dark chocolate-covered bars due to the goji berry and fig truffle center. The truffle center has a strong and flavorful fruity background, enhancing the dark chocolate’s sweet, rich side. The center is also not very smooth so you have a bit to chew and I think this helps bring out all the flavors a bit more too. The Goji Cacao bar is my second favorite after the Acai Cacao Bar.


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