Product Description



  • The “Original” Paleo Compliant Coconut Wrap
  • Bread or Tortilla Alternative
  • Raw, Vegan & Alkaline
  • Contains NO Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy or Corn
  • 4 Wraps per package, 1 package of Original, 1 package of Curry (8 total wraps)


– The Bread or Tortilla Alternative

– Non-GMO project verified/non-GMO package

– Contains NO Gluten, Dairy, Egg, Soy, Tree Nuts, Peanuts or Corn

– Raw, Vegan & Alkaline

– Convenient for Work, School and Travel

– Storage & consumption near room temperature is optimal

– May be refrigerated unfilled & covered

– Keep away from dry circulating air over long periods of time

– Avoid direct sunlight & DO NOT FREEZE

Improv’eat is a provider of pure, unadulterated food that acts on the belief What You Eat Matters! We have merged the 
wisdom, science and pleasure of real food with continuous positive intent.

» Improv’eat believes that food is medicine and illness begins with nutritional deficiencies. In order to support 
wellness and fight disease we need clean food from a clean environment. Therefore, we are committed to unlocking the 
value of food by combining the ancient wisdom about nourishment with nutrient-rich ingredients and safe preparation 
techniques. » Improv’eat has taken a stand to fight for the health and wellness of current and future generations. It is 
going to take a concerted effort on the part of many to overturn the status quo in the food industry that has 
historically valued price per pound instead of nutrition per calorie. We represent a paradigm shift in the way food is 
grown, handled and packaged. We expect you to hold us accountable to our standards because we believe What You Eat 
Matters! Please note: The Pure Wraps can be refrigerated though it is not necessary. It is best to consume The Pure 
Wraps soon after food is placed inside (depending upon moisture level)


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