Progressive Harmonized Vegan Protein, 840g. Vanilla



Features :

– A synergistic blend of 5 plant-based proteins
– Providing the full spectrum of both essential and non-essential amino acids from the cleanest possible sources
– Fortified with a complete array of complementary support nutrients
– Naturally flavoured and sweetened and free of artificial ingredients
– Professionally formulated and energetically balanced

Benefits :

– Enhances lean muscle growth
– Offers exceptional immune support
– Supports cardiovascular health
– Aids in the repair and formation of bone
– Provides intestinal support
– Enhances the fat burning process
– Balances blood sugar levels and helps moderate appetite
– Supports healthy digestion
– Enhances iron absorption
– Supports liver & kidney function

Product Description

Progressive Harmonized Vegan Protein.

Complete Whole Food Protein :

Harmonized Vegan Protein® features a strategic blend of 5 vegetable based proteins, providing the full spectrum of both essential and non-essential amino acids, along with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, fiber, EFAs and antioxidants. Harmonized Vegan Protein® also provides digestive, liver and kidney support to ensure that you can digest, absorb, utilize and eliminate without causing undue stress to your body.


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