Pre-Workout Xtreme, Fruit Punch. 20 servings.( AML Labs)



AML Pre-Workout X-Treme is the most advanced scientifically-based pre-workout supplement ever developed.

●       More energy
●       More performance
●       More focus
●       More pumps
●       More powerful reps and bigger lifts.

As with all Advanced Molecular Labs products, AML Pre-Workout X-Treme is based on the latest cutting-edge performance nutrition, research, ingredients and quantities. AML Pre-Workout X-Treme is designed to support increased energy, mental alertness, muscular endurance, strength, and lean body mass. It is for the serious athlete and fitness enthusiast, well versed in hard training, proper nutrition, and what makes a quality pre workout.

Creatine Monohydrate

In the annals of sports nutrition, there has yet to be an ingredient as rigorously tested or consistently shown to be beneficial than creatine monohydrate.

Quite simply, it is the king of sports nutrition supplements.

The problem with creatine in the vast majority of pre workouts is that it is woefully underdosed.

That’s not the case with AML PreWorkout X-Treme.

Like its predecessor, AML PreWorkout X-Treme supplies the full 5,000mg dose of creatine monohydrate in every serving.

Multiple studies, reviews, and position stands have noted that creatine monohydrate supplementation is effective for improving energy production, power and strength output as well as supporting lean mass gains.

Beta Alanine

A nonessential amino acid, beta alanine binds to L-Histidine (another amino acid) to form the powerful intracellular buffer, carnosine.

When muscles repeatedly contract, hydrogen ions (H+) begin to accumulate, and as these ions build up, the muscle pH becomes more acidic, which eventually prevents the muscle from continuing to contract.

Beta alanine is the rate-limiting precursor to carnosine synthesis.

Supplementation with beta alanine increases carnosine concentrations in skeletal muscle tissue, thereby improving a muscle’s capacity to buffer H+ ions and delay the onset of fatigue. This helps athletes complete more repetitions and more total work before succumbing to fatigue.

AML PreWorkout X-Treme contains 3,200mg beta alanine per serving, compared to the 2000mg dose contained in AML PreWorkout.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine (trimethylglycine) is a natural osmolyte found in a number of foods common to the diet, including whole grains, shellfish, spinach, and sugar beets.

As an osmolyte, betaine also helps maintain cell volume and fluid balance, which may help guard against dehydration during stressful events such as intense exercise.

Betaine also increases intracellular water, which encourages cell volumization and cellular swelling. This promotes muscle growth by way of stimulating muscle protein synthesis.

Lastly, a growing body of literature finds that betaine supplementation may significantly increase anaerobic power, muscle protein synthesis, and body composition.

AML PreWorkout X-Treme contains 2500mg of Betaine Anhydrous per serving. (Same amount used in the research).


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that supports biosynthesis of the “motivation and reward” molecule, dopamine, as well as several other highly important neurotransmitters including epinephrine (adrenaline), and norepinephrine (noradrenaline).

Supplementing with L-tyrosine supplies the body with additional “raw material” to synthesize these highly important neurotransmitters during stressful situations, such as a high volume leg workout.

Stress (such as intense exercise) can also lead to reductions of dopamine stores in the brain, leading to increased fatigue and reduced athletic performance.

AML PreWorkout X-Treme contains 2,000 mg of L-Tyrosine — the same dose shown in human research trials to boost mental and physical performance as well as aid memory.

Beet Root Extract

To further support blood flow and complement the actions of citrulline malate, AML PreWorkout X-Treme contains a formidable duo of plant-based extracts in beet root extract and grape skin extract.

These botanical extracts are rich in antioxidant compounds that have been shown to support NO production and blood flow for increased athletic performance.

Peak ATP

ATP is the cellular currency of energy production. The more rapidly muscle fibers can regenerate ATP stores, the longer they will be able to maintain a high level of performance and resist fatigue.

Peak ATP® is a clinically-researched, patented form of adenosine 5’-triphosphate (ATP) disodium that is identical in structure to human ATP.

Research has shown that supplementation with Peak ATP may improve athletic performance and body composition by increasing blood flow, muscular excitability, and recovery.

Studies note that Peak ATP® can provide benefit after just a single dose for increasing the ratio of muscle activation and power output during high-intensity exercise.

It may also help reduce protein breakdown and prevent performance drop-off as an individual gets deeper into their workout.

The landmark Peak ATP study from 2013 conducted in humans noted[23,63]:

  •   147% increase in strength
  •   30% increase in power
  •   96% greater muscle thickness

Additionally, Peak ATP supplementation has been documented to reduce systolic blood pressure after aerobic exercise compared to placebo.

AML PreWorkout X-Treme supplies the research-backed 450mg dose of Peak ATP in every serving.

Caffeine Anhydrous

If you’re looking for an X-Treme preworkout supplement, then chances are very high you’re well-acquainted with caffeine…perhaps even a bit too well-acquainted.

Caffeine is the backbone of all pre workout supplements.

It increases mental energy, focus, and motivation while also improving athletic performance and resistance to fatigue.

Caffeine’s main mechanism of action (and primary avenue of benefit) is via antagonism of adenosine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that induces feelings of lethargy and tiredness. By preventing adenosine from binding to its partner receptor, caffeine promotes increased feelings of wakefulness, alertness, and reactivity.

Caffeine also potentiates the release of dopamine in the brain as well as upregulates dopamine receptor availability and affinity.

This is part of the reason why taking a pre workout that includes caffeine (or having a cup of coffee) seems to boost mood — increased dopamine!

AML PreWorkout X-Treme contains the same 400mg dose of caffeine found in the original AML PreWorkout.

This dose is in line with research noting improvements in strength and power output in athletes.

TeaCrine 40%

TeaCrine is a chemical cousin of caffeine that complements the immediate burst supplied by the well-known stimulant by providing smooth, sustained energy.

TeaCrine is that patented form of theacrine — a naturally occurring compound found in a number of plants, namely kucha tea Coffea robusta.

TeaCrine works similar to caffeine, in that it affects both adenosine and dopamine receptors, but the manner in which it does so is slightly different than caffeine (which is why the two have a synergistic effect when taken together).

This creates a “best of both worlds” approach to energy enhancement with caffeine providing the acute, powerful increase in energy and alertness and TeaCrine supplying a sustained, “slow burning” energy.

Research has shown that the combination of caffeine + TeaCrine favorably impacts endurance and the combination provides greater benefits on cognitive function than either supplement taken independently.

AdvantraZ (P-Synephrine)

Advantra Z® is a patented extract of Citrus Aurantium (a.k.a. Bitter Orange), a fruit rich in a number of alkaloids known to support weight loss and exercise performance.

While citrus aurantium may contain a number of alkaloids, the one we’re primarily interested in is p-synephrine.

p-synephrine is structurally similar to ephedrine but significantly weaker (which is a good thing). It’s been noted to increase energy expenditure, post exercise oxygen uptake, and fat oxidation, which lead to improvements in repetition performance and volume load during training.

Some other research indicates there is an additive effect when combining p-synephrine with caffeine.

Specifically, combining caffeine with 100mg p-synephrine (the same dose included in AML Pre-Workout X-Treme) was noted to help athletes achieve faster, more powerful repetitions all with no additional perceived exertion or lactate accumulation!

AML Pre-Workout contains the research-backed dose of 100mg of p-synephrine (as AdvantraZ) which was noted to improve performance as demonstrated by increased total amount of repetitions, implying athletics who supplemented with p-synephrine exhibited increased muscle endurance.

Grape Skin Extract (30% Polyphenols)

Grape skin extract is rich in a variety of polyphenols which have been noted to stimulate endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and improve exercise performance.

Research indicates that supplementing with polyphenol-rich extracts may increase exercise performance.

Additional research notes that supplementation with grape skin extract can reduce muscle damage after high intensity strength training.

AML Pre-Workout X-Treme contains grape skin extract (standardized to 30% polyphenols).

Velvet Bean Extract

To support dopamine production during stressful situations, AML Pre-Workout X-Treme includes 2,000mg L-Tyrosine.

Velvet bean has long been used in traditional medicine as a tonic and aphrodisiac due to its broad spectrum of activities.

Folic Acid

Continuing on with nutrients that support dopamine synthesis in the body brings us to Folic Acid.

This highly bioavailable form of vitamin B9 is required for the production of cofactor BH4 (tetrahydrobiopterin), thereby supporting the production of dopamine.

Supplementing with folic acid supports dopamine production by providing the body with necessary substrate required to build the enzyme which is considered the “rate-limiting” step in the synthesis of dopamine.

You might also be interested to know that BH4 is an essential cofactor for the synthesis of nitric oxide.

Essentially, folic acid is an important “support” ingredient often overlooked in other pre workouts that plays key roles in the production of both dopamine and nitric oxide — both of which impact exercise performance.


BioPerine is the widely recognized, industry leading black pepper extract typically included for its ability to improve nutrient bioavailability.

Piperine also has been noted to increase dopamine via activation of the TRPV receptor in the brain.

Piperine may help dopamine levels remain elevated longer for greater energy, mood, and motivation!


Rounding out the comprehensive ingredient profile of AML PreWorkout X-Treme are the electrolytes — magnesium citrate and potassium citrate.

Electrolytes are essential for hydration as well as helping athletes avoid cramping and fatigue during training.

Additionally, potassium and magnesium also support cardiovascular health and athletic performance.

Research notes that potassium can soften the endothelium and increase nitric oxide production.

Magnesium also causes vasodilation by increasing nitric oxide synthase activity.

AML Pre-Workout X-Treme uses the citrate forms of these essential electrolytes as they have been shown to be bioavailable and citrate has also been noted to improve exercise performance by buffering lactic acid buildup in the muscle.

In total, AML Pre-Workout X-Treme provides 1,000mg of potassium and 100mg of magnesium per serving.

The reason for these dosages is that research indicates that a significant portion of the population does not consume enough dietary potassium, and high potassium diets have also been shown to help lower blood pressure.

More magnesium is not included because it can cause gastric up-set and loose bowels in some individuals.


Product Description


Citrulline Malate 2:1

AML Pre-Workout supplies 8 grams of Citrulline Malate, a proven ergogenic aid that supports blood flow and athletic performance. AML Pre X-Treme ups the ante boosting Citrulline Malate to a heaping 10,000mg per serving! At a 2:1 ratio of citrulline to malic acid (malate), that means you’re getting over 6,000mg of pure L-Citrulline per serving!

Why is this important?

L-citrulline is an amino acid that has been found to be a more bioavailable and effective nutrient for increasing plasma levels of Arginine (the “fuel” of nitric oxide production in the body), compared to L-Arginine supplementation. Human studies using citrulline malate note that it may help increase the number of repetitions performed while also reducing an individual’s rate of perceived exertion. Research also indicates that citrulline malate supplementation may help reduce muscle soreness up to 40% in the hours following training. Citrulline also plays an important role in ammonia buffering, which in turn helps reduce lactic acid accumulation as well and boost exercise performance.



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