Ortho Bone Vegan, 300 v-caps.


human-joint-pain (1) How Can Ortho•Bone Help? Ortho•Bone™ is formulated with 13 key nutrients, which are all fundamental for mineral deposition in the bone matrix, and provides the best nutrient sources that don’t just maintain bone mineralization but actually stimulate bone growth and help improve bone mineral density. • Ossein Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite Complex (MCHC), by far the best calcium source available. This crushed bone powder contains all the nutrients normally present in bone in a calcium-based crystalline complex. MCHC is the only source of calcium shown to maintain or even increase bone density thanks to proteins and other nutrients naturally found in MCHC. AOR’s MCHC is derived from New Zealand bovine bone, considered the purest source. All other sources of calcium can only, at the very best, halt bone loss. • Vitamin D is essential to bone health. The vitamin is the most important determinant for the absorption of calcium. Although skin exposure to sunlight leads to vitamin D synthesis in the skin, sedentary lifestyles, northern latitudes and powerful sunscreens have left the majority of the North American population with discouragingly elevated rates of inadequate vitamin D status. Kill two birds with one stone: take a walk in the sunshine each day! • In accordance with the latest research, Ortho•Bone™ now also contains both MK-4 and MK-7 as sources of Vitamin K2. Research has shown that supplementation with MK-4 increases bone density at all sites and reduces bone fracture rates. MK-7 has been shown to be well absorbed and to activate the bone protein osteocalcin at a low dose of 60 mcg. • Boron reduces the urinary excretion of calcium and magnesium. Boron maintains blood calcium levels and appears to enhance the effects of vitamin D. Women fed boron-deficient diets experienced more calcium and magnesium loss whereas women on boron-supplemented diets excreted less calcium and magnesium. • Magnesium is essential for every major biological process. Two thirds of the body’s magnesium is found in our bones. In women suffering from osteoporosis, reductions of magnesium in bone levels and serum levels have been reported. Studies have also demonstrated higher bone mineral density in women with higher dietary magnesium intakes. Magnesium depletion may prevent further bone growth and bone matrix with decreased magnesium content may be more brittle. • Several other key nutrients can play an important role for bone health. For instance, manganese, zinc, copper and silicon are important minerals with significant bone building attributes. Zinc is the most abundant intracellular trace element with several important biological functions but may be depleted by calcium supplementation. Methylating nutrients such as vitamin B12 and folic acid may also be important to bone health, perhaps because of the toxic effects of homocysteine on the protein fibers in bone. Ortho•Bone for Vegans Ortho•Bone is also available in a vegan friendly formula, which differs from the regular formula in two ways. First, it includes 1000mg of calcium citrate-malate in place of MCHC. Calcium citrate-malate is the best vegetarian calcium source available. Second, Ortho•Bone Vegan™ uses vitamin D2 instead of vitamin D3, since the source of vitamin D3 is sheep lanolin. The daily dose of Ortho•Bone Vegan™ is 10 capsules daily to be taken with meals.

Product Description

Ortho-Bone-VeganThe Bone Team Ortho•Bone™ contains key nutrients that are fundamental to maintaining bone health and preventing disorders like osteoporosis. MCHC (bone meal) is the most superior source of calcium available, containing proteins that actually stimulate bone growth and being the safest for arterial health. Vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption. Vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7) increases bone density and reduces the risk of bone fracture. Vitamin C supports collagen development, which is the foundation of bone structure. Important Extras Small doses of other nutrients are also important for bone health. Boron decreases calcium excretion. Magnesium is needed for a strong bone matrix. Manganese, zinc, copper and silicon have bone building abilities. Vitamin B12 and folic acid regulate homocysteine, which is toxic to protein fibers in the bone. The Right Balance Maintaining bone health involves much more than just calcium and requires a delicate balance of many essential nutrients. Unlike most calcium supplements that just maintain bone, Ortho•Bone™ actually stimulates bone growth and mineralization. Ortho•Bone™ contains all the key ingredients at the appropriate doses to keep bones in optimal condition. Ortho•Bone™ is also available in a vegan-friendly formula that helps maintain bone health, providing instead calcium citrate-malate and vitamin D2.


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