Neurovax Immune Patch. 12 Patches.


The NeuroVax Neuroplastic Immune Optimization Patches are:
• Drug Free
• Non-Invasive
• Non-Electrical
• Chemical Free
• Provide Immediate Benefit
• Easy to Use
• Comfortable to wear
• Inconspicuous
• Affordable
• Water Resistant
• Single-use only. Effective for 48 hours.


Bye bye hot flashes

For years I have been waking up almost hourly with hot flashes and the Neurovax patch has stopped them–I think because it regulates the adrenal glands which support hormones. I have tried lots of methods including Reflexology , supplements and essential oils and the Neurovax patch is the simplest and most effective solution for me.


Benefits of the immunity patch

I ended up with surge4y during COVID. I wore the patch the whole time I was in the hospital. I am 80 years young and truly believe this patch has helped me war$ off covid


Love our patches

Love our Neurovax patches! We have been wearing them since April 2020 and I have found that I didn’t suffer as much with seasonal allergies, my husband Al, who quite smoking 20 years ago, would still wake up with the smokers cough every morning. Two days after wearing the patch he no longer has that cough. We don’t go a day without our patches.

Product Description

The Neurology of the Immune System: Neural Reflexes Regulate Immunity Parallel advances in neuroscience and immunology have established the anatomical and cellular basis for bidirectional interactions between the nervous and immune systems.

Like other physiological systems, the immune system and the development of immunity-is modulated by neural reflexes. The Neurovax patch triggers neuroplastic optimization and harmonization of the communication loop between the brainstem, vagus nerve, thymus and spleen by generating innate neuro signals decoded by the CNS based on the “pattern theory” of haptic neuro coding. This optimized communication leads to optimized immune system.

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