Multi Basics 3, 90 v-caps.


100Multi Basics 3™ avoids the pitfalls of improper formulations; excessive and harmful amounts are shunned, balanced vitamin complexes in amounts that reflect biological needs are used, and superior forms that are assimilated more efficiently are included. Most importantly, Multi Basic 3™ provides nutrients in amounts that reflect the quantities found in optimal diets which have been shown to positively impact health.

Product Description

AOR04153-MultiBasics-3-180-lge1-200x330All the Essentials in Just 3 A Day:  The more nutrients a diet contains, the more beneficial it is to the body. Multi Basics 3 contains all recognized essential nutrients in balanced ratios and in their most superior forms. Along with well known minerals and vitamins, it includes vitamin K2 (MK-4 & MK-7), phytochemicals, choline and inositol. Everything in Moderation Many multivitamins are poorly designed, with excessive amounts of nutrients in inappropriate ratios that cause more damage than good. For instance, too much vitamin A can suppress bone formation, zinc and copper can create deficiencies if imbalanced, and excessive riboflavin (vitamin B2) actually inhibits its absorption and turns urine yellow. A Harmonious Mixture Multi Basics 3 avoids the biological cacophony caused by harmful excesses and unbalanced ratios. Instead it presents the best forms of important nutrients in amounts that reflect an optimal diet in order to have the most beneficial impact on your health.


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