MicroBiome Lab Immune Support Bundle, MegaMarine, MegaQuinD₃, MegaViron™.


Which is best for immunity?

  • Vitamin D

  • Fish Oil

  • Beta Glucans from mushrooms

  • Glutathione

  • Zinc

Well, why not just take them ALL to make sure your bases are covered?

That’s what MicroBiome Labs was thinking when they created the Immune Support Bundle. Because the truth is that all of these nutrients help your immunity in SLIGHTLY different ways…

Vitamin D works by activating macrophages — A type of white blood cell that surrounds and kills microorganisms, removes dead cells, and stimulates the action of other immune system cells. Vitamin D is actually a hormone. That means it can act anywhere in the body.

Fish Oil supports your immunity by helping heal and seal the mucosal barrier in the gut, preventing pathogens from getting from your food into your bloodstream. It also helps by supporting healthy cell wall formation.

Beta Glucans from mushrooms literally activate killer cells that neutralize viruses and senescent (dead) cells in your body.

Glutathione helps to regulate the balance between innate immunity or leukocyte infiltration at the site of infection to kill bacteria. Glutathione is also a powerful antioxidant and can beat back loads of oxidative stress.

Zinc helps with MANY functions around the body, but it specifically helps the immune system by activating T-cells and also functioning as an antioxidant.

Want to get all of these immune supporting powerhouses in one SIMPLE bundle? Get this kit!!


Product Description

This powerful trio will offer maximum immune support.

These 3 unique MicroBiome Labs products offer maximum immune support benefits.


This Gut-Specific Fish Oil is the most comprehensive, full-spectrum fish oil scientifically formulated to support a healthy gut microbiome with a superior ratio of EPA, DHA, and the “forgotten” DPA to support healthy immune and gut barrier function.

This Gut-Specific Fish Oil is specifically formulated with higher EPA content than DHA content in order to support a healthy gut.*


Introducing MegaQuinD₃™, a high-potency K2/D3 supplement that represents a new approach to supporting bone, heart, nerve, mitochondrial, and immune function.

Give your clients far-reaching metabolic support with this synergistic vitamin K and D supplement formulation offering a myriad of health-supportive benefits! Every daily supplement regimen should include the essential vitamins D and K.

Microbiome Labs combines highly bioactive and effective forms of natural vitamin K2 (MK-7) and vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) in MegaQuinD₃.


MegaViron™ is an innovative immune supplement formulated with potent herbs with antioxidant properties for seasonal immune support. MegaViron™ was designed to provide a short-term burst of powerful immune support.

This product was designed to support 3 key features of immune function: the surveillance system, clean-up crew, and de-escalation team. The herbal ingredients in MegaViron™ work together to support a healthy immune response.


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