Methylcobalamin Ultra, 5mg 60 lozenges.


SEA Side   A Vitamin for Your Brain and Nerves Methylcobalamin is the active form of vitamin B12. It is effective in protecting brain and nerve cells against toxins and a wide range of hostile environmental situations. A Wide Range of Neurological Benefits Methylcobalamin is helpful for many neurological disorders. For example, it can mend nervous function in patients with multiple sclerosis, improve neurological symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease and prevent nerve damage in glaucoma patients. It can also reduce pain in people with degenerative spinal conditions and normalize the circadian rhythm to improve sleep and mental function. Get the Right Vitamin Regular B12 supplements do not provide these neuroprotective benefits. Methylcobalamin provides access to a nutrient that is essential for the function and healing of the nervous system.

Product Description

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Methylcobalamin – New & Improved Formula!

Methylcobalamin tablets are now made entirely in-house, and AOR has been able to reformulate the tablets for a more consumer-friendly formula. Xylitol has replaced sorbitol as the sweetener, and all non-medicinal ingredients have been replaced by sodium stearyl fumarate and cellulose gum. The tablets may also taste and appear different due to the new, cleaner manufacturing process and formula.


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