Marlow Organic Cotton Tampons, (Regular) 18 Applicators.


Better for you & the planet: 18 organic compact applicator tampons with a plant-based applicator and compostable wrapper.

Directions: Read directions enclosed in the box before using the product.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Cotton Tampon 100% Organic Cotton String Paraffin emulsion (water repellent string coating)

Do not store at a temperature above 25 degree celsius or high humidity.

Product Description

Your Period, Elevated

We were tired of disregarding how our period was really affecting our mood, health, and routine. We were tired of not knowing the ingredients we were putting into our bodies. And we were tired of pausing life and missing out on the things we loved because we couldn’t find products that worked for us.


We’ve made changes to ensure that our products are more sustainable than the current standard, and we’ll continue to improve them over time. As Marlow grows, we are reinvesting into research and development to continuously minimize the environmental impact of our products – we’re designing products with you and our planet in mind.


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