Maca with Ginseng. 90caps. (Inka)


Maca (Peruvian ginseng)

from ancient times, native Peruvians used Maca root for food and a tonic. They believed Maca increased energy and stamina. ‘Wild Peru Maca’ brand products are specialized with Maca product which focused on the unique composition and properties with the plant.

Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, grows in the highest altitude (7,000-11,000 feet) in the mountains of Peru. Has been used by native Indians in Peru as a vital ingredient for health for thousands of years. Records indicate that Inkan warriors always consumed Maca before going into a battle. In 1549 A.D., Spanish explorers received Maca from the Indians as a gift in return for help in improving methods of animal husbandry.

Currently, Maca is recommended for following benefits: provides antioxidants, helps to support healthy mood balance during menopause, helps to support emotional aspects of sexual health. Antioxidants are involved in the prevention of cell damage or death by free radicals, which is a common pathway to many diseases or undesirable conditions.

Panax ginseng

Ginseng is believed to boost your energy and enhance physical performance. It also supports cognitive function by improving mood, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. In addition, ginseng is used in herbal medicine as a supportive therapy to maintain healthy blood glucose and cholesterol level.

Greater nettle

nettle is a great nutritive tonic which helps reduce joint pain and acts as a diuretic. Nettle root in particular promotes prostate health by reducing difficulty in urination due to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Product Description

Inka Maca with Ginseng for Men 800 mg 90 Vcaps.

– Peruvian ginseng, panax ginseng and greater nettle
– Formulated specifically for men
– Helps to support healthy mood balance during menopause
– Provides antioxidants.


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