Iron (hubner) 30 chewable tablets.


This trace element is essential to our bodies, as it is
required for many metabolic processes. Our body
mainly needs iron for the production of blood. As
the building block for the pigment in the red blood
corpuscles, it helps to feed our cells and organs with
oxygen. Two thirds of the iron in the body can be
found in the red blood corpuscles. Iron is also part
of myoglobin, which is essential for the transport
of oxygen to the muscles. Iron deficiency leads to
a lack of oxygen in the muscle cells and loss of
performance. Even the immune system can’t work
properly without iron.

Product Description

  • Great-tasting fruit flavoured iron formula with Vitamins C+B
  • Non-constipating, vegetarian formula
  • 100% pure with no preservatives
  • Excellent for use during pregnancy.

This trace element is also a building block for many
enzymes, and involved in the regulation of many
cell processes essential to life, the most important
being the body’s energy metabolism. As the central
constituent of the enzyme catalase, moderate
amounts of iron also help to neutralize harmful
hydrogen peroxide produced by cell metabolism and
turn it into harmless substances, water and oxygen.


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