ImmunoCare, 60 count. (Celt Naturals)



While you may think you need to “boost” your immune system to minimize or prevent symptoms, you actually need to “regulate” your immune system, so that it can better respond to various conditions. Celt Naturals Immuno-Care® is an all-natural, patented, and clinically tested plant sterol and antioxidant supplement that “up-regulates” your immune system when it’s underperforming, such as when you’re sick, and “down-regulates” it when it’s overreacting, such as when you’re suffering from allergies.

Supplements to boost the immune system

There are other supplements containing plant sterols available, but there is a key reason why Celt Naturals Immuno-Care® is unique: it’s the only “delayed release” plant sterol supplement available on the market.

While other plant sterol products are destroyed in the harsh conditions of the stomach, the “delayed release” feature of Immuno-Care® allows each capsule to arrive intact in the small intestine. There, the capsule releases its maximum potential and starts working to regulate your immune system.

Best plant sterol supplements for strong immunity

There’s no set age when immunity decreases, but as we age, it doesn’t serve us as well as it once used to. It is kind of like gray hair – it happens to everyone, but at a different time. Both T and B cell immune responses are affected by aging, but the most striking change is observed in T cells, the immune warriors that fight viruses and bacteria.

The severity of any disease can depend on the strength of these T cell responses. Research has shown that plant sterols enhance immune function, lower cholesterol and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Plant sterols target specific T-helper cells, resulting in a stronger immune response, strengthening a persons’ resistance to numerous chronic diseases and infections. Luckily, they are found in abundance in ImmunoCare – the best plant sterol supplement to boost the immune system.

Why choose CELT NATURALS IMMUNO-CARE® sterol supplements?

A healthy and varied diet is the best way to maintain a strong immune system. But, it is often hard to ensure that all our nutritional needs are met on a daily basis, especially since modern agricultural practices have succeeded in minimizing the levels of healthy nutrients found in fruits and vegetables, making it even harder to do so. In order to consume even 100 milligrams of plant sterols, a person would have to eat a minimum of 500 to 700 grams of fresh vegetables and fruit daily.

Plant sterols are generally not easily absorbed due to the fibre content, and illness and older age also seriously reduce absorption. Since plant sterols have the capacity to balance the immune system, reduce nasty inflammatory markers and defend us against bacterial and even viral infections, sterol deficiency will lead to health issues with immune related conditions.

So, why not give your immune system the help it needs and deserves, naturally? Only one capsule of Celt Naturals Immuno-care® provides 300 mg of plant sterols – the daily requirement for a healthy and strong immunity. Not all sterol products are equal, though – ImmunoCare capsules are also enteric coated and by-pass the acidic area of the stomach which destroys a lot of delicate nutrients. No other plant sterol supplement product has this component while also providing zinc, selenium and grapeseed extract for enhanced immunity.

Product Description

ImmunoCare, 60’s

Immuno-Care is a patented and clinically tested plant sterol and antioxidant supplement that regulates your immune system by “up-regulating” it when it is under-performing, such as when you are sick, and “down-regulating” it when it is overreacting, such as when you are suffering from allergies.
The formula is unique, novel, and is used extensively in clinical settings to support a dysfunctional immune response. It has the capacity to reduce nasty inflammatory markers CRP and IL-6 that are known be a major issue with auto-immune conditions.
The ingredients in Immuno-Care are very susceptible to destruction in the stomach acids, Celt Naturals found a way to protect these sensitive ingredients by enteric coating the active molecules, so they pass through the stomach acids safely and into the lower bowel where they have their maximum effect.


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