Himalayan Salt Masala Shaker, 170g.



Quick and Nutritious Recipes!

Lumière de Sel® Masala with Baked Fries

Easy to prepare and tastes amazing!

  • Wash and cut potatoes lengthwise
  • Place onto flat tray
  • Add olive oil and sprinkle with Lumière de Sel® Masala Salt
  • Bake at 375 F for 45 minutes

Lumière de Sel® Fine Herbs with Chick Peas

Fast and Healthy!

  • Place chickpeas, chopped red, green and yellow peppers into a bowl
  • Add crushed garlic and Lumière de Sel® Fine Herbs to desired taste

Lumière de Sel® Wild Garlic on Bread

Just sprinkle on heated bread and chopped tomato for delicious bruschetta!

Product Description

Himalayan Salt Masala

A fusion of Himalayan Crystal Salt with a combination of 16 exotic organic herbs and spices: curcuma, carvi, coriander, nutmeg, fennel, mustard seed, cinnamon, clove, star anise, cardamom, cayenne, ginger, cumin, red pepper, garlic, onion…. Carefully selected for an exotic taste!

All of our spice blends are:

  • Certified Organic
  • RAW
  • Unrefined
  • Without Additives
  • Kosher Certified


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