Himalaya Ashwaganda 60 caps.



Ashwaganda is an “adaptogen”. Adaptogens increase resistance to the adverse effects of stress (mental, emotional, and physical). Out of more than 4000 medicinal plants, there are only 22 classified as adaptogens.

Ashwagandha promotes greater sustained levels of energy, as well as deeper levels of relaxation. Also supports an exhausted nervous system by feeding the adrenal glands that respond to stress.

Ashwagandha supports key enzyme systems related to the conversion of thyroid hormones T4 into T3, also called the ‘active thyroid hormone’, which is responsible for mood, metabolism and digestion.

For stress and energy support adaptogen used for over 2,500 years. Safe for long-term use.

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About the Product
  • Ashwagandha supports normal cortisol levels, which control appetite and play a major roll in fat metabolism
  • Ashwagandha strengthens exhausted nervous systems by feeding the adrenal glands that respond to stress
  • Ashwagandha supports recovery after physical exertion by supporting the stress-response organs such as the adrenals for quicker recuperation and recovery from exercise
  • Ashwagandha reinforces the central nervous system to promote deeper levels of relaxation as well as more sustained levels of energy
  • Ashwagandha supports increased energy without stimulating the heart. Safe for long-term use


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