Hakeem Herbal Toothpaste, 70g.


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Ingredients: Sorbitol, Xanthium Gum, Cellulose Gum, Silica, Cinnamon Oil, Peppermint Oil, Calcium Carbonate, Purified Water, Glyerine, Dry Ginger, Black Pepper, Long Pepper, C. Pertinius, E. Robesta, Emblic Myrobalan, Oak Galls, Chebulla Myrobalan, Himalayan Salt, Margosa (Neem), Acacia

Product Description

Hakeem ToothpasteThis toothpaste does not contain any animal product and is flouride free. 
The herbal ingredients of Hakeem Herbal toothpaste are known to the Indian subcontinent for centuries. It is a unique blend of edible herbs without any side effects. It is safe for children. The main herbal ingredients with their salient properties are given below as per “The Ayurveda Encyclopedia”: 

Neem (Margosa) – a blood purifier, is antiviral and is also used to treat mucus memebrane ulcreation. 
Emblic Myrobalan – a blood purifier and is a potent natural source of vitamin C. 
Chebula Myrobalan – also a blood purifier and is used to treat sore throats and ulcerated gums. 
Long pepper – an analgesic. 
E. Robusta – a herb used for blisters in gums and Pyorrhea. 
Acacia (Babool) – used for blisters in gums and Pyorrhea. (known in Unani books) 


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