Gin-Ultimate Ginseng(Gotu Kola & Ginko Biloba) 465mg. 100 caps. (Atkins)



Ginsengs are used around the world for their unique medicinal qualities. North American ginseng root has been used as a remedy and preventative for symptoms of various imbalances and disorders including metabolic and immune diseases. Clinical studies show that North American ginseng root is effective in enhancing the defence mechanisms of the immune system, which makes this herbal medicinal an effective treatment for infections including the common cold and flu. Gotu kola, also known as Indian pennywort, and Ginkgo biloba support circulation to the brain and help enhance cognitive function and memory.

Health Information:

Adaptogen, Blood Sugar Regulation, Cardiovascular Health, Cold, Energy Support / Fatigue, Flu, Herbal Medicine, Immunity, Memory Improvement, Mental Health, Stress Relief.

Product Description

Equal amounts od 100% pure Ontario ginseng ) panax quinquefolius), gotu kola (centella asiatica), and ginkgo biloba, clear gelatin kosher capsule. Imported ginseng.


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