GENERAL INFORMATION: Feline6 Formula contains 44 grams and delivers immune support; helps with digestion and nutritional intake, and overall health and wellbeing that translate to a healthier, happier cat. As a replacer or nutritional supplement for cats of any age, Feline6 Formula provides rich bovine colostrum, natural probiotics, vitamins and minerals in every scoop.

GENERAL COMPONENTS: Feline6 has all 87+ natural Growth Factors, over 100+ Immune Factors, all Essential Factors; Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, and Glyconutrients, plus all the Metabolic, Vitamin and Non-Essential Factors necessary for your four-legged family member to maintain a balanced system

Product Description


Feline6 Formula contains 44 grams: Intended as a protein, vitamin and mineral supplement for kittens and adult cats alike. High-quality protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals are often limited in commercial diets, but Feline6 Formula can fill the gaps. The colostrum proteins are rich in nutrients and immune factors that are designed to help kittens during the crucial weaning time and serve as an effective adult supplement.

-Aids joint issues
-Skin problems
-High in protein
-Vitamins and minerals
-Natural source probiotics


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