Ecoideas Organic Tigernuts-Stone Ground, 227 g.



 Tigernuts are small tubers, not actual nuts – an important fact for those with allergies. The ancient Egyptians knew that the fruit of Tigernuts’ grass (Cyperus Esculentes) was highly beneficial, both as medicine and nutrition. Its root tubers are distinguished by an unusually high proportion of fibre and a delicious taste.

Suggested use:

Enjoy as a healthy snack or with food.

  • Usually eaten raw, mixed in muesli, yogurt, or as a nut substitute
  • Beneficial when mixed with baby and children’s food for healthy growth
  • Powdered form can be blended into morning smoothies
  • 2 tsp recommended daily for full advantage of benefits

*This product is RAW: Refrigerate after opening





Product Description

Benefits of our Certified Organic Tigernuts:

  • Nature’s richest source of FIBRE – 41%!
  • Curbs the appetite (due to high fiber content)
  • Rich in phosphorous, potassium and Vit E and C
  • Positive effect on cholesterol levels due to high Vit E content
  • Gluten Free and naturally sweet tasting
  • Suitable for diabetics
  • Suitable nut alternative
  • Helps to maintain a healthy colon
  • Supports the heart and activates blood circulation
  • Regenerating food for the nervous system
  • Performance-enhancing as a high source of energy for work, school, and exercise
  • A valuable source of easily digested protein, carbohydrates, and essential iron
  • Provides high-quality fats, with a particularly high oleic acid content


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