Detoxx Liver & Kidney, 60 Vegcaps. (Organixx)



    • Blend of 13 safe and powerful detoxification herbs and plant extracts
    • Includes adaptogens to balance the body and reduce stress so you feel good while detoxing
    • Contains only pure, natural ingredients free from fillers, binders, and excipients
    • Unique 5-step fermentation process boosts effectiveness and potency of the herbal blend
    • Gentle but effective formula that won’t have you tied to the bathroom all day.

Product Description




  • Supports liver and kidney health and enhances their ability to filter toxins*
  • Helps to eliminate pollutants that trigger itchy skin, food allergies, headaches, and more*
  • Unleashes abundant energy to your entire body*
  • Support regularity and promotes overall digestive health*
  • Calms the intestinal tract and helps relieve gas and cramps*
  • Promotes better quality sleep and improved digestion*


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