Chaga Mushroom Liquid Drops, 30ml/1fl.oz. (Nutridom)


How is Nutridom Canada Chaga Extract Tincture made?

The selected chaga powder is boiled in glycerin for at least 8 weeks. After the first extraction, the chaga powder becomes a kind of porridge, which is put in water and boiled. Chaga powder is reduced until the main ingredient is obtained. When the obtained chaga ingredient is mixed with water and glycerin, Nutridom Canada Chaga Extract Tincture is made.

What is Chaga Mushroom?

Chaga is a non-toxic mushroom with very high amounts of antioxidants. This mushroom is different from other mushrooms because it grows by extracting nutrients from a living tree, not a dead tree. Chaga is native to birch trees and can only be found in the coldest regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Because of these unique factors, chaga is only made in select regions of Russia, Eastern Europe, Canada, Korea and the United States. Besides this special feature, chaga takes at least five years to mature and is very rare. The appearance of chaga mushroom is similar to a burnt wood on the outside and orange on the inside. These mushrooms are harvested from selected birch trees only once every 20 years. Of the hundred trees harvested, only 2% to 3% of the chaga harvested are certified as “top grade”. Many commercial hunters are keen to harvest chaga because of its high value.

Benefits of Chaga

It boosts the immune system against disease and infection.

The immune system classifies chaga as a tonic biological response modifier (BRM): it not only activates the body’s immune function when necessary, but also slows its activity when the immune function is overactive. Beta-glucan is widely believed to have a tonic role. Many researchers actually see the tonic effect as a synergistic action between five or six beta-glucans.

Provides antioxidants.

Oxidation is a chemical process that occurs every day in our body. Each cell uses oxidation to harmonize and maintain normal body functions. Although necessary, at the same time oxidation creates free radicals that damage or even kill cells. Free radicals can affect any cell in our body. They can be brain cells or liver cells, and the damage is often permanent. It is important that our cells continue to work harmoniously while protecting themselves from this damage. Antioxidants are molecules that fight oxidation, and antioxidants reduce and mitigate the oxidative effects of free radicals. Chaga contains high concentrations of the antioxidant superoxide dismutase that reduces the oxidative damage that occurs within nearly each cell of the body.

Product Description

Nutridom Chaga Liquid Drops 30 ml / 1fl. oz

– Wild harvested chaga mushroom
– Convenient liquid form for higher absorption.
– Product of Canada.


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