Black Cumin Seed Oil, 50ml.


Other black seed benefits include:

* A cure for hair loss (rubbed in the scalp)
* Relieving sore muscles
* Relieving pain associated with rheumatism, back ache and arthritis
* Can help fight off colds and flu
* Can help give energy and counter lethargy
* Can help decrease nervous tension
* Can help soothe tired leg muscles
* Can help stabilize high blood pressure
* Help get rid of stomach problems such as diarrhoea
* Help get rid of a headache
* Combat earache
* Get rid of intestinal parasites
* Calm colic symptoms
* Help eliminate Sinusitis
* Improved digestion

Cold-Pressed, Undiluted and Unrefined

Product Description

Black cumin seed oil (Nigella Sativia) is one of the most potent super foods which means that it is packed with vitamins, minerals, oils and amino acids and it is good for internal and external use.

Some of the benefits of black seed oil: It can be used as a greatĀ moisturizer, it hasĀ anti-aging benefitsĀ and it contains an anti-inflammatory agent and vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and flavonoids. It helps to prevent fine lines, blemishes, age spots, oily or dry skin, and leaves your skin looking soft, young and supple. It is especially good for the rough skin on your knees, feet, elbows and hands.

Black seed oil for skin is an effective beauty treatment in that it moisturises, fades scars and dark spots and tames redness.

Black Cumin seed Oil can even be used to treat several serious skin conditions when applied directly to problem areas such as:

*Ā Burns
*Ā Eczema
*Ā AcneĀ ā€“ Black Cumin seed oil fights bacteria that causes acne
*Ā PsoriasisĀ Scales
* Skin Fungal and other infections
* SkinĀ Boils
* Ringworm
* Bruises
*Ā Rosacea


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