Biovera Organic Shampoo Ayurvedic, 200ml.


Biovera Ayurvedic Shampoo Organic & Vegetarian products for healthy hair and skin from London, England. Our philosophy is quite simple : use the gifts of mother nature and combine them synergistically. Our line is inspired by the Ayurveda India`s ancient natural approach to health , balance and beauty and the principles of Homeopathy. All products are potenised – a patented procedure which is used to energize the active ingredients. Energy levels determine how active (bio-available) and stable (bioactive) the ingredients can be.

Product Description

Biovera Organic ShampooBiovera ORGANIC AYURVEDIC SHAMPOO – A genuine organic hair care product with 100% natural & wholesome ingredients that not only feels great, but does a marvellous job in preserving healthy hair & scalp. Ultra mild and a its unique blend of ingredients is pH neutral. It does not change the pH of your skin and is non-irritating.


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