Bio-Res, Relax. 30ml. (Alovea)


A revolutionary new strategy to free your
body from the stranglehold of stress.*
Stress is the body’s response to any type of threat.
Stress forces the body temporarily into its fight or
flight functions in order to respond to the perceived
threat. But when stress becomes relentless, it can
force the body into a closed loop of fight or flight
responses that rob the energy required to support
your rest, repair and regenerative functions. Lack
of function expresses itself in the form of symptoms
which can ultimately degenerate into disease
conditions. BIO-RES RELAX is formulated to provide
the specific resonant plant energies to help
restore proper energy flow to your rest, repair and
regenerative functions, thus getting you into a state
of well being.

Product Description

Every plant obtains its energy from the sun. It is
then converted into a specific set of vibrational
frequencies that can be used to support the bioelectric signaling impulses that flow back and
forth between your brain and specific glands,
organs and tissues. In physics, resonance is the
phenomenon in which one vibrating system
(e.g. a plant) energizes another system (e.g.
the body) to elevate with greater amplitude of
specific frequencies. BIO-RES RELAX has been
formulated to provide the specific resonant energy
frequencies that your body needs to help restore
proper function to the rest and repair mechanisms
in your brain, glands and organs in order to help
offset the negative affects that stress can have on
your health.*


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