Bio-Active Copper Hydrosol, 2fl.oz (Sovereign Silver)



  • JOINT AND BONE HEALTH*:¬†Maintains the strength and flexibility of connective tissue resulting in healthier bone and cartilage structure.
  • HEALTHY HAIR SKIN AND NAILS*:¬†Helps your body build collagen and elastin for healthier hair, skin elasticity and firmer nails.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH*:¬†Supports strong and flexible arteries, helps the body absorb iron and aids in red blood cell production.
  • SUPPORTS ENERGY & METABOLISM*:¬†Assists in the production of ATP (the energy producing molecule) and works to improve metabolism.
  • SUPPLEMENTATION IS ESSENTIAL:¬†As a trace mineral, Copper is critical to our health and wellbeing. While it’s found in foods such as wholegrains, mushrooms and nuts, we only absorb 30-40% due to changes in commercial agricultural practices. The only way to obtain sufficient amounts of copper is to supplement appropriately.

Product Description

  Copper is truly a mineral workhorse in the body. It serves as an essential cofactor in enzyme activity, which affects many biological processes that benefit the body from the inside out.

Specifically, copper binds to a variety of essential enzymes called cuproenzymes. These cuproenzymes play a critical role in a number of processes important to the development of joint and bone health; healthy hair, skin, and nails; cardiovascular and blood health; and energy and metabolism*.


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