Asana Panty Liners 30, 12 pack.


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The Asana woman is a symbol of inner strength. She is ‘Gentle on the outside and strong on the inside’.

So is the Asana Sanitary Napkin, which is soft on the outside, making them comfortable to wear, while it’s equipped with the ‘Biowave Advantage Layer” which connotes ‘strength’ on the inside.

The true distinction of a woman lies in the strength that she exudes from within. At Asana, we created an advance feminine protection with this in mind, by providing sensitive and secure sanitary care for women on their road to fulfillment.

Product Description

Asana panty liners

Asana Liner Regular

(with cotton cover)

Asana’s Panty liner with cotton cover offers soft protection for women in between periods, or at the beginning or end of their period. The Asana Panty liner absorbs any natural discharge or minor flow and provides effective backup protection when using a tampon. Asana’s Liner can naturally prevent bacteria and yeast infections that causes odour leaving you feel dryer, fresher and freer.


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