Asana Day 14, 10pack.


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Asana sanitary napkins is the thinnest on the market, it absorbs  the fastest, is guaranteed not to leak.

Compared with similar competing products. it has three notable features: 1 6-layer structure of two unique patent application “bio-chip” technology 3 unique patented hydraulic conductivity layer.

Manufacturing: The unique six-layer structure, with a total thickness of 1 mm.

Patent “biological chip” technology: with natural mineral stone and natural antibacterial ingredients, a natural antibacterial, reduce odor, and promote menstrual blood circulation, reduce menstrual discomfort of unique features.

“Bio-core” description: “biological core” of the main active element is a natural mineral and natural antibacterial ingredients.

Natural Mineral: Special natural stones, with a weak charge, so that negative ions and far infrared rays may be emitted, while facilitating the circulation of the blood has bactericidal properties and reduced odor.
Negative oxygen ions: “bio-chip” to release negative ions can improve the body’s immune system, promote blood circulation and thus promote metabolism.
FIR (Far Infrared): can promote blood circulation, stimulate the body’s microcirculation, tissue repair, and promote good health.

Natural antibacterial ingredients: Nano silver ions are green natural antibacterial agent. More than 400 magazine articles mention silver treatment of diseases, infectious diseases and the use of a variety of situations in the next. SGS Independent tests show E Shana (asana) contained in nano-silver napkin for odor-causing bacteria usually produce – Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans eliminate efficiency of 99.99%.

Hydraulic conductivity layer patents: the absorption rate of more than 2 times that of similar products, the rapid penetration of moisture from the surface to the second layer, to bring users dry and comfortable experience.

Each tablet contains excellent nano “bio-wave” chips, naturally reduce odors, reduce menstrual discomfort, menstrual enjoy healthy feeling.

More than usual instant 2 absorption and prevent side leakage slim design, easy to use, without taking into account ease.

3D porous surface, such as the feel of cotton, soft exudates absorbed and rapidly penetrate to the second layer, dry clean breathable endure.

Ingredients: 3D stereo punch nonwoven, natural plant fiber, tourmaline and nano silver, wood pulp, SAP, PE film.

Product Description

Asana-Ultra-thin-cotton-face-sanitary-pad-155mm-30P-in-a-bag-no-fluorescence-agentEvery Asana Ultra Thin Sanitary Napkin has an exclusive Biowave Advantage layer that naturally supports improved circulation while reducing two of the most commonly occurring bacteria, and a common yeast, that causes odour.


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