AOR R Lipoic Acid 60 v-caps


DNA The health-promoting, anti-aging benefits of regular lipoic acid pills are only delivered by half of the supplement. The other half is worse than useless: it actually antagonizes the effects of the good half of the supplement. Many molecules used by the body have a specific “handedness” (chirality). In some cases, synthetic versions of these molecules have a different “handedness” than the natural molecule. Some of these artificial molecules are merely less potent than the natural forms, such as in the case of dl-alpha-tocopherol. But others are actually harmful – for example, trans-fatty acids. Unless they specify otherwise, “lipoic acid” supplements are a 50/50 mixture of the natural R-lipoic acid, and the synthetic S (-) lipoic acid. These mixtures are called “racemates.” In some cases, S (-) lipoic acid – or the racemate – is simply less effective than R-lipoic acid. But in other cases, the S (-) form actually acts in opposition to the activity of R-lipoic acid.

Product Description

AOR04005-R+Lipoic-Acid-150x248A Natural Supplement Lipoic acid comes in two forms that are identical in everything but their orientations, like a left and right hand. While natural R-lipoic acid has many health benefits, the artificial S (-) form is useless at best and antagonistic at worst. A Powerful Antioxidant R-lipoic acid is a powerful antioxidant that protects brain and nerve cells from free radicals. It reduces the buildup of iron in the brain which is thought to contribute to Parkinson’s disease. It also supports healthy blood sugar metabolism to prevent insulin resistance. S (-) lipoic acid does not have these benefits and in some cases even thwarts them. Keep Away from the Negative (-) Half Conventional lipoic acid supplements are a 50/50 mixture of R (+) and S (-) forms. AOR’s formula is designed to deliver all the benefits of R-lipoic acid without interference from its “evil twin”.


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