AOR Ortho.Core 180vg-caps


NOGMO pROJECT.   Quality vs. Quantity The imbalance created by adding disproportionate amounts of certain nutrients is compounded by the fact that the composition of those nutrients is too often not of the optimal source. Therefore, excessive amounts of these synthetic and/or inferior nutrients can be at best wasteful, and at worst toxic or even harmful.

Product Description

AOR-08021-10 - Ortho CoreEnter the Core Ortho•Core sets itself apart from other multivitamins in two ways: the first is that it does not concern itself with mega-doses. Instead, it pays extraordinary attention to balancing ratios of essential nutrients to one another in order to achieve a synergistic result. Secondly, it pays meticulous attention to combining diversely superior sources of those essential nutrients and balancing their ratios for optimal synergy as well.


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