AOR Liver Support 180 vegi-caps


Aloe_Vera  The Liver Squad The nutrients found in Liver Support have further liver protective roles. NAC preserves the levels of the antioxidant glutathione. Milk thistle and broccoli extracts help to promote detoxification and protect the liver from toxins and carcinogens. Phyllanthus amarus protects against viral and chemically induced hepatitis and inhibits the oxidation of lipids. For a Lasting Liver A healthy liver is essential for a healthy body. Liver Support contains nutrients required to keep this vital organ functioning at its optimal level by protecting it, regenerating it and promoting detoxification, all in one supplement.

Product Description

AOR04238-Liver-Support-150x248Liver Damage can be Deadly Liver disorders, from viral hepatitis to cirrhosis to cancer, are a prevalent health problem in North America and cause many deaths each year. Furthermore, 6% of healthy people with no symptoms of disease show abnormal liver enzyme levels. Ethanol is a main contributor to liver disorders, and chronic alcohol consumption alters methionine metabolism in the liver, induces oxidative stress, and increases inflammation. Its toxic effects can be fought by detoxification agents like SGS from broccoli and antioxidants such as NAC.


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