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hindu  How Does it Work? More recent studies suggest that the GS may inhibit the release of Gastro-Intestinal Peptide (G.I.P.), which normally occurs following duodenal infusion of glucose. In addition to reducing the insulinotropic action of gastro-intestinal hormones, GS is thought to increase peripheral insulin sensitivity. This might then result in lowered insulin levels during a glucose tolerance test. The mechanism of action may be via the interaction with the glucose receptor. This may explain the folklore claims of loss of sweet sensation following chewing of GS leaves. In fact, GS is considered a carbohydrate metabolism modifier and has the following properties: (1) Sensation of taste: the tongue sugar receptors are effectively blocked by GS, thereby inhibiting sensation of sweetness. (2) Glucose control: inhibition of uptake of glucose in the intestines by interacting with and blocking the glucose receptor sites, thereby reducing the “spike” in glucose and insulin seen after a meal. The active ingredients are thought to be saponin and glycoside derivatives. So far, eleven different types have been isolated and identified as gymnemic acids. The chemical structure has been identified by nuclear magnetic resonance and X-ray studies to be similar to glycuronides.

Product Description

AOR04300-Gymnema-75-lge-200x330What is Gymnema? Gymnema sylvestre (GS), an herb belonging to the Asclepiadacea family, is a woody branched vine growing in the wild forests of Central and South India. The plant has been used by the traditional medical practitioners of India since Buddha’s era. Early scientific studies of this herb observed that GS lowered blood glucose levels in diabetic dogs but not in pancreactomized animals, suggesting that some residual pancreatic tissue is needed for this herb to be effective. Further studies revealed that GS significantly lowered blood glucose levels in both insulin-dependent and non-insulin-dependent diabetic rats.Gymnema for Glucose :  Gymnema’s effect on glucose metabolism offers important benefits for anyone dealing with diabetes and/or the effects of high blood sugar levels. It also offers protection against diabetic complications. AOR’s Gymnema-75 provides a high-potency, standardized extract of this powerful herb.


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