AOR CurcuViva, 60 v-caps.



 This recently introduced product provides a higher dose of easily absorbed curcumin for effective relief of pain and inflammation. The high potency and unprecedented bioavailability (100x higher than regular 95% curcumin extract) of this product make it ideal for the long-term maintenance of severe or chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis, IBD (inflammation of the bowel), liver problems, neurological disorders and cholesterol levels. Curcumin Active is effective in doses of just one capsule per day up to nine capsules daily for more severe conditions.

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Product Description

CurcuVIVA™ provides an 80 mg maintenance dose of Longvida Optimized Curcumin for those with osteoarthritis, joint pain, chronic pain and more. Longvida Curcumin was specially formulated to provide a solution to the curcumin conundrum of low bioavailability, poor absorption, and rapid breakdown. Although bioavailability and absorption help determine effectiveness, the key lies in its ability to remain free. This free state of curcumin is achieved due to the formula’s ability to avoid being rapidly broken down within the body. Because free curcumin retains its “unbroken” form, it is then taken up through the lymph system into the bloodstream where it is stable, concentrated, and retains maximum effectiveness for up to 24 hours.

Curcumin not only provides relief from joint pain and arthritis but has many other benefits. It supports digestion, liver and gallbladder health, carries antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral effects, and even promotes healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health,


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