AOR Bone Basics 240 caps.


Vitamin K sources.Only the Best Ingredients MCHC is the best source of calcium for bone building and maintenance. It can not only slow bone loss, but can actually halt and reverse it thanks to proteins and other nutrients naturally found in MCHC. AOR’s MCHC is derived from New Zealand bovine bone, considered the purest source. In accordance with the latest research, Bone Basics now also contains both MK-4 and MK-7 as sources of Vitamin K2. A vegetarian glucosamine sulfate has also replaced the shellfish-sourced glucosamine HCl, making Bone Basics shellfish-free.

Product Description

AOR04085-Bone-Basics-240_lge-150x248A Complete Formula Bone Basics contains all of the essential nutrients for healthy bones, including calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium. It also contains manganese to ensure the proper function of bone building cells, Vitamin K to regulate calcium and keep it within the bone, and glucosamine to produce building blocks that are used for joint and cartilage repair.


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