Alkaline Water Delivery, 10liters.


Blue Zone Alkaline Water will deliver up to 50 liters of life giving water to your home for $40/mth.

Alkaline Water is know to balance our Ph levels, we should strive to keep our body at Approx. 7.2- 7.36 on the Ph scale for Optimum Wellness. This is the ideal environment in which microorganisms remain in co-existence or symbiotic harmony with the body.

Product Description

  Enjoy the Health Benefits and convenience of home delivery, with four 10 liter jugs of Alkaline Water from Blue Zone Alakline Water!

Water comes from all types of sources and water quality is not always guaranteed. There are many harmful impurities that could be in your water. An easy way to protect your family`s drinking water is to subscribe to our home delivery service. We will delivery up to 50 liters per month in The Greater Toronto Area for just $40/mth.


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