Alkalife pH Booster, 1.25oz,



Alkalife® Alkaline Water Drops & PH Supplement

A Balanced Body, A Better You.®

Alkalife® is a natural dietary supplement that plays an essential part in keeping your body free from acid waste buildup. Alkalife® pH boosters are the foundation of an alkaline diet lifestyle. What does this mean for your body? In short, you give your body what it needs to achieve optimum health and longevity. Our alkaline water drop and tablet company provides you the pH supplement you need to achieve a balanced body — and a better you.

Alkalife® PH Booster Drops

All it takes is a few drops of Alkalife® pH Booster Drops to turn ordinary drinking water into alkaline water with a pH of 10! Just one bottle of Alkalife® can be used to make 360 glasses of alkaline water. Each bottle provides a 2-month supply.

Product Description

Simply add a few drops of Alkalife to a glass of ordinary drinking water and enjoy the benefits of high pH alkaline water with electrolytes.


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