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ElementX ThermoxyShred. Discover Your REAL Potential !

ElementX ThermoxyShred is a new and powerful, thermogenic fat burner designed to help you achieve your fat loss goals quickly and safely.
ThermoxyShred is a FAT Burner truly in a class of its own, combining clinically researched standardized ingredients at effective amounts in just one capsule !
The specific selection of ingredients in this formula is meant to support metabolic actions that are directly related to encourage FAT loss and provide focus and cognitive support.
ThermoxyShred`s unique formula helps increase FAT Burning and FAT Oxidation, supports metabolism, increases body temperature and up-regulates FAT-Burning mechanisms.
Precise amounts of Selenium, Chromium, Caffeine, Salicin, Synephrine, and Olive Leaf work in synergy to promote FAT loss by increasing FAT oxidation – the rate at which stored FAT is broken down and released into the blood stream to be used up as energy.
ThermoxyShred delivers everything you need for positive FAT Burning results and more fule for your workouts!

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