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Warm and Cozy Tea Moments- Libre.

Libretea GLass As the temperatures cools we begin to look for ways to keep healthy, warm and cozy.
Explore the healthful world of teas you can love all day and all season long- green teas and white teas are full of great antioxidants to treat winter colds, and black teas are touted as “heart smart”. Add raw honey, cinnamon, cardamom, or cloves to create your own flavorful beverage, and add steamed coconut milk to make your tea creamy and vegan.
Often as we approach winter we are looking for healthy herbal remedies as antidotes or preventative measure against winter colds. Libre`s removable filter keeps the bits in the glass away from your lips so you can relax and warm up while sipping your favourite concoction. The 100% BPA-Free Libre tea glass, offered also now in a new pink colour, are a natural cool weather companion- they keep drinks hot, yet are easy to hold as well as durable, and have a fresh taste every time due to their easy wash glass interior- it`s the only to go mug you`ll need at the soccer field, yoga class, on a fall hike, the morning dog walk, or curled up on the couch.
Enjoy your cosy season with your Libre tea glass- keep your healthy habits inspired for your busy ‘on the go’ lifestyle.