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RishiTeaLine-Emerald green Your Favorite Tea now in Luminous Emerald Green Keepsake Tins !
Rishi Tea, the leading importer of certified organic teas and botanicals from the most unique, remote, high-mountain growing regions across the world, has upgraded the packaging for its core loose leaf retail line to reflect the quality of the ingredients within.
Rishi loose leaf teas are now showcased in luminous emerald green keepsake tins, adorned with colour-coded tea category labels with fresh, distinctive designs.
Rishi has made it easy for tea explorers to discover new teas and quickly locate classic favorites.
The new line highlights trending tea flavour profiles, with a wide range of organic green teas, naturally caffeine-free herbals, and classic black teas.
Discover also Rishi`s new line of organic pyramid sachet tea bags. They feature the same whole teas and herbs as in their core loose leaf line. These high quality, direct trade ingredients provide for the fullest flavors and most aromatic, vivid infusions possible from a tea bag. Rishi`s environmentally friendly filter mesh material is made from plant-based resources, making it biodegradable through commercial composting services. Plus, this neutral, non-GMO material does not hinder the pure taste of Rishi`s organic teas and herbs.