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It is Time To Spring For a Cleanse!

 Many people may notice a natural, but distinct shift in their cravings as winter gives way to spring.
The arrival of warmer weather often marks a decline in our craving for heavy comfort foods, important during the cold winter months. In fact, many may notice an increasingly insistent yearning for much lighter food.
Your appetite may decrease and you may find yourself craving for fruits, fresh vegetables, and salads.
This is your body`s way of telling you that it is time for some spring cleaning. In fact, spring is the perfect time of the year to do a cleanse. You can support your body’s natural desire to purify and renew by choosing the pungent bitter, and astringent tastes of fresh herbs like dandelion greens for your kidney, artichoke for the liver, yellow dock as a gentle laxative.
You can add organic beetroot to your salads or juice for its hepatic effects on the liver.

The liver itself has powerful regenerative properties, up to 60-70% of the liver can actually be destroyed through the toxic build-up of prescription drugs, over the counter pain medications and glyphosate in our food and food supply, cancerous growth etc… But the liver can completely regenerate itself if given the proper maintenance and care.

To address Allergies and its various symptoms, this is also an excellent time to include herbs such as Mullein (one of my favorite teas) and Coltsfoot, which are both gentle expectorant to aid the removal of excess mucus from the lungs and facilitate coughing.

Always use gentle herbs and remedies when stimulating elimination, over the next six to eight weeks cleanse the liver first, then the kidneys, it is important to follow this sequence to allow the body to adapt to its natural flow of elimination. I also prepare several remedies to drink during my pre-season training as a soccer and football player, if I caught a cold during the winter I brew Raw Ginger and mix 4 ounces with 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1/2 of Lemon juiced and drink this every day to remove mucus.

My cardio tea as I call it consists of Fennel Seeds, Cardamom, Cloves and Raw Organic Ginger boiled in 2 cups of water for 3 minutes. I sip this throughout the day to keep my lungs working at their best. There are a great diversity and abundance of healing plants for us to use in our spring cleanse and detox.

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